High Quality and Low Maintenance

by AmyM 12. June 2013 08:45

Considering purchasing a portable building but worried that the upkeep might be more than you can manage? If you purchase a portable building from Buildings and More, you can rest assured that your building will not only be durable for years to come, but that it will require minimal upkeep.

The first concern many homeowners in Florida might have is how these portable buildings will hold up during hurricane season, which lasts from June 1 to November 30. Florida already was doused by Tropical Storm Andrea very early this season, and the National Hurricane Center estimates a very active hurricane season this year. All of our portable buildings have a wind load up to 160 mph, which would register as a Category 5 hurricane, the most destructive classification of storms there is.

In addition to the wind load all the portable buildings have, the buildings are anchored to the ground using mobile home anchors. If the building has a concrete foundation as some larger portable buildings and carports might, they are anchored to the ground using concrete anchors.

Aside from knowing your portable building can withstand storm-force winds, our portable buildings require little to no upkeep to keep the exterior looking new. You don’t have to worry about paint or ongoing pest control services, and if you need to clean the exterior, a simple solution of bleach and water is all you need for a slight scrub down.

However, the cleanliness of the interior of your portable building is up to you. A broom should be all you need to keep the interior of your portable building clean, depending on how frequently you use your building and how you use your portable building.


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