Frequently Asked Questions

Steel Buildings and Carports

Is financing available for the purchase of my carport or steel building?

Yes. ProBuilt Steel Buildings offers multiple, competetive financing options for qualified buyers with as little as $0 down.

What is the typical delivery and installation time once I order my steel building?

Depending on the size of your steel building and the site where it will be located, delivery and installation usually takes between 2 – 6 weeks.

What roof options are available on my carport or steel structure?

There are 3 roof options available for your carport, garage, or steel structure. Please see the illustration below.

Carport Roof Types
How will my carport be anchored to the ground or concrete?

In most cases, mobile home anchors will be used to anchor your building to the bare ground or asphalt. If your building is installed on concrete then concrete anchors will be used.

Does the site have to be level to install the building?

Yes. In most cases, the installers have 2-4 inches of adjustment up and down on the legs, however, a level site is always best.

After my initial purchase of a carport or steel building, can I “add-on” to it at a later date?

In most cases, the answer is, yes. It would depend on the type and size of your original carport or steel building and the options you are requesting. There would be a return trip charge as well as the charges for the added options.

Can my steel garage or barn be insulated?

Yes, insulation options are available. Please contact one of our expert salespeople at 1-877-754-1818 to discuss your insulation options.

Can my new carport or steel structure be attached to my existing home?

No. Your new carport can be installed as closely as possible to your home but we will not attach it.

What is the roof pitch of my carport or steel garage?

The roof pitch will depend on the size of your building or carport. It will vary depending on the width of your steel building, but it is approximately 3 feet.

What are my payment options?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express as well as bank financing for qualified customers.

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FAQ for Portable Storage Buildings, Greenhouses, Screen Rooms, and Gazebos

What is the typical delivery time once I purchase my building?

If the building is in stock at one of our locations, we can typically deliver your building within a one-week period.  If it has to be specially ordered it may take up to 3 weeks. 

What are the requirements of the site where I want the building located?

The site must be reasonably level.  We will set the building and level it with solid concrete cap blocks.  We will then anchor the building with high load wind anchors. The site must not be located underneath a powerline or on top of any septic tanks, drain fields, electrical or water lines. 

What siding options are available?

Your portable building can be ordered with aluminum, vinyl, wood, steel, or hardiboard siding.  Buildings come standard with aluminum siding.  Prices will vary depending on the siding options. 

What roof options are available for my portable storage building?

Aluminum, steel, and shingle roofs are available.  Prices may vary depending on the roof option you choose. 

Is there a charge for delivery of my portable building?

There is no charge for delivery within a 60 mile radius of Lake City, Fl.  If over 60 miles, there may be a delivery charge depending on the distance to deliver.  The prices listed here include delivery, set-up, and anchoring unless you live over 60 miles from Lake City. 

Are there different door options?
Yes, 3’, 4’, and 5’ wide doors are available as well as double doors and rollup doors.  Most buildings come standard with a 3’ or 4’ wide door.  Prices will vary depending on the door option you choose.   

Please contact a Buildings And More sales expert to discuss door options. 

What financing options are available?

Buildings And More offers a wide array of financing options.  We offer traditional bank and finance company options as well as numerous rent-to-own plans.  We have a financing option for everyone, depending on your financial needs. 

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